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February '15 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

Wow! January sure went by quick!

What a bummer! Again we've missed some deadlines on new releases due to taking on many custom commissions this month. Hopefully in February we can

devote some extra time to designing new sets. We're setting the bar low for this short month, but are hoping to release a little more than what's projected if possible.

If you guys haven't yet, please head over to and click "Like", we held a few great contests last month and hope to continue to give away great items and store credit this month and beyond!

Have a great February!


January Highlights:

  • Nendoroid Stand Labels (Full Release of Multiple Varieties)

New additions to the site most likely coming sometime in February:

  • All sentai ranger key labels from Gorenger to Gokaiger; possibly further - $3 to $5 ea.
  • At least 1 zord label sheet (not sure which; high volume of custom orders has made it difficult for us to design new sheets lately)


Please let us know if there's anything specific you'd like us to add to our website!


Thanks for reading :)


- BD15

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