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January 2016 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

Holy Smokes It's 2016!!!

Another year is here! Have you all thought of your New Years resolution? We have! This year we are going to try our best to speed up our turn around time starting in February.

We've fallen a bit behind on orders, but we are going to try our best to get back on track in the first quarter of the year. Once we get that done, we will start making new label sheets.

Do you have a certain Zord label sheet you'd like to see us make in 2016?

Please leave us some feedback in the comments section :)

We will have limited shipping windows in January due to family trips.

Our schedule is as follows:

Trip 1: January 1st to January 7th

** Orders placed during trip #1 will start shipping January 8th **

Trip 2: January 11th to January 18th

** Orders placed during trip #2 will start shipping January 19th **

You will be able to place orders the entire time we are gone, but please be patient with shipping delays.

That's about it for now,

Hope you all have a fantastic 2016!!!

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  • I need some decals for Zeo, Super Zeo, Red Battlezord, Pyramidas, Warrior Wheel, Robo Racer, Artillatron, Mega Voyager, and Mega Winger. Would love to see them as options on here!

    Tyler on
  • I know it’s been a year since posting, but I’d really hoping to see some of the Zeo and Super Zeo Megazord stickers coming. I’d pay top dollar for that!

    Jake on
  • Yes, definitely a label sticker for Zeo Megazord PLEASE!!!

    Edwin Neo on
  • I want stickers for my zeo megazord please!!!!

    Duc on
  • I’d love to see stickers for the Battle Borgs the Zeo series

    John Wall on

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