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January '15 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

Happy New Year 2015!!!


First off, we wanted to thank you all for a great 2014! We released many, many new items as well as released our website, and greatly expanded our Facebook page!

One year ago we had only 300 "Likes" on Facebook, now we have almost 1,600! Over 5 times increase in one year! To celebrate we're having a large givaway of over $175 in decals so be sure to head to the link below to enter (Drawing ends 1/17)

We hope 2015 can continue this trend. While we haven't formally created any goals for 2015, we hope to expand into a few different fandoms though we will remain centered in the Sentai / PR fandom.

Unfortunately we had to push back our released of a few things from December, but we're going to try our best to finish them this month. Holidays and increased sales slowed us down in our designing department.

One of the big things we will be doing in 2015 is expanding our Zord & Toy label line into more seasons of Sentai / Power Rangers. We are almost done with MMPR then we will be moving on to Zeo.

And now for last month's features and this months previews:


December Highlights:

  • Powerprops Morpher Cosplay Buckle
  • Ninja Megazord Labels
  • Shogun Megazord Labels
  • Red Zeo Battlezord Labels
  • DX Blade Blaster Labels (Wrap)
  • Nendoroid Stand Labels
  • Hex Sheets for Helmet Visors
  • 3DS Skins
  • More Ranger Key labels
  • Addition of Toys for sale
  • New sidebar Navigation

New additions to the site most likely coming sometime in January:

  • Tor - Projected Cost - $25 to $30
  • Ninjor - Projected Cost - $15 to $20
  • Zeo Megazord Labels - $20 to $25
  • More Ranger Key Labels (we can many any types, just haven't uploaded them all to our site yet)
  • & More!

    **This Should Finish Up Our MMPR S1 - S3 Zord Label Line**


Please let us know if there's anything specific you'd like us to add to our website!

Let's have another great year!


- BD15

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  • My attire cinsosts of a helmet because i want to keep the braincells i have left in tact, without any further damage or injury. Duly noted by my mother wear your helmet is yet another reason i wear my helmet!

    Turdukulova on
  • Also,would a custom order I made for my Jet Icarus set still count?

    Joong Kim on
  • I am just going to leave a comment here so I can enter for the grand prize. Hopefully.

    Joong Kim on

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