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December '14 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

My goodness, what a month November was! We had to push quite a bit to this month, so we have a bit more to accomplish than originally planned, but we should have no problems. Rangerstop was a huge success and we had an absolute blast! Be sure to check out the convention next year in November in Orlando and say hello to us!
We also had quite a bit more orders than we are used to which is why we didn't get to many of the zord sheets we promised (please forgive us). We ended up breaking our number of sales and sales revenue records and we cannot thank you all enough! Expect many new sets this month as we try to finish our MMPR Zord label line & maybe a few other things!

November Highlights:


  • Titanus Labels
  • Serpentera Labels
  • Ultrazord Package Labels
  • Dragonzord V2 Labels
  • Green / White Hybrid Legacy Morpher Labels
  • Ivan's Ooze (prop replica)
  • Dragonzord Battle-Mode Package Labels

New additions to the site most likely coming sometime in December:


  • Ninja Megazord Labels - RELEASED - $25
  • Shogun Megazord Labels - RELEASED - $25
  • Red Zeo Battlezord Labels - RELEASED - $20
  • Auto Blaster (PR Turbo Gun) Labels - Projected Cost - $7.50 - (RELEASED BUT NOT ON SITE YET)
  • Tor - Projected Cost - $25 to $30 (postponed to January)
  • Ninjor - Projected Cost - $15 to $20 (postponed to January)

    **This Should Finish Up Our MMPR S1 - S3 Zord Label Line**


Please let us know if there's anything specific you'd like us to add to our website!

Thank you!



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  • I’m really excited about the sucess your service is having, its awesome awesome to have a place to go for for megazord lables.

    Cedric Rone on

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