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November '14 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

Another month has passed and it is time for another Newsletter! Hope you all had / are having a great Halloween / Dia de Los Muertos!
November will be all about Megazord labels! While we only have a small amount of items on our list for this month, they are rather large jobs. We may or may not get to all of them, but we will certainly try! If we complete our agenda this month we will finally be finished with all Zords from the MMPR seasons!

October Highlights:


  • Legacy Megazord Labels
  • SMF Auxiliary Zord Labels
  • Zyu Bumper Stickers
  • Now offer decals from all Sentai Seasons!
  • Now have a more organized Kamen Rider seciton!

New additions to the site most likely coming sometime in November:


  • Titanus - RELEASED - $45
  • Ninja Megazord Labels - Projected Cost - $20 to $25 (postponed to December)
  • Shogun Megazord Labels - Projected Cost - $20 to $25 (postponed to December)
  • Serpentera Labels - RELEASED - $25
  • Tor - Projected Cost - $25 to $30 (Postponed to December)
  • Ninjor - Projected Cost - $15 to $20 (Postponed to December)
  • At least 1 decal from every Kamen Rider series - Didn't quite get to this goal, but we should over the next couple months as interest increases


Please let us know if there's anything specific you'd like us to add to our website!

Thank you!



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