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July '15 Newsletter

Posted by Craig A on

It's July!


Happy 4th to those in the United States!

Commissions will be the primary focus this month. We hope to finish all orders & commissions 100% since we will likely not be open during most of August (our owner is getting married!!!)

We are continuing a couple promotional products this month!

MMPR Legacy Power Coin (Available as Weathered or Gold Chrome) - Fit's Legacy Morpher - $50
Ivan's Ooze V2 (Same ones we debuted at Lexington) - Limited Quantities Available - $20 + Shipping

And we will be having a special drawing since we will be hitting 3,000 "Likes" on Facebook soon !!!



Some recent new products to highlight:

- New Controller Skins!

- New Nendoroid Stand Labels! (Will be seen at AX in LA thanks to Marco Lopez!)

- New Stick Figure Family Decals! (Gokai Pink & Kyoryu Violet)

- MMPR Logo Coin

Thanks for reading :)

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