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MMPR Legacy Power Coin ( US ONLY )

  • $ 25.00
  • Save $ 55

If you reside outside of the USA, please e-mail or contact us on Facebook to order. Additional international shipping charges will be calculated on top of the standard order price..


Coin Details

One of a kind MMPR Logo Power Coin to fit the Legacy Power Morpher!

Based on the original art from the Junior Power Ranger Fan Box released in the early 90's.

** Coin was tested in V1, V2, and Movie Legacy Morphers; May not fit all Legacy Morphers **
** Listing Includes 1 of each Coin (2 total) **

** Coin finishes vary slightly. They may have minor flaws. **


We do not own the the MMPR logo. It is a trademark of Saban Capital Group (SCG). Digitally rendered by Dan B.

** Photos By Nicholas Cinciruk Jr. **

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