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US ONLY - Screen Cast Dino Buckler

  • $ 35.00

1 - Raw Cast Buckle
1 - Raw Coin Cast of Choice (1 of 6 Dino Coins)
1 - Choice of Labels ("Power Rangers", "Zyuranger", or Leave A Note In Checkout For Custom)

1 - Fully painted buckle with decals applied and coin of choice installed

This Mold Was Created By Molding A Screen Used Zyuranger Dino Buckler. It is 1:1 Size & Shape Of Those Used In Zyuranger & Power Rangers on Their Suits

See Photos - Please Message If You Have Questions

Please Allow 2 - 3 Weeks to Cast

If You Reside Outside USA, Please Contact Us to Order (Shipping Charge Is Not Accurate In Checkout For This Item)

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