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Psycho Ranger Data Cards

  • $ 60.00

As seen in Power Rangers In Space & Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, these replica props are as close to the real deal without summoning the real Psycho Rangers.

They are made out of a very sturdy plastic with decal overlay.

Great for display or to use as a prop when cosplaying!

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Bloodline of the Grid styles as seen on YouTube!

Photo Taken By Red-Space-Ranger

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Psycho Data Acquired

The datacard is made of a type of acrylic that diffuses light, making the edges glow. The black data chip and barcode are BD15's specialty high-quality stickers, and aren't coming off unless you REALLY mess with them. The stickers are black on the adhesive side too, so even when you look at the datacard from the back, it looks fine. Highly recommended if you want Psycho Ranger datacards or even if you just want to substitute the prop in for a completely different purpose.