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NEW Hasbro Dino Megazord Labels

  • $ 30.00

Show accurate labels to fit one Hasbro Dino Megazord toy (not Original, Legacy, 2010, or ZAP).



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Customer Reviews

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Michael Roybal
Looks great!

These definitely give the Zords a more respectable look. If I ever get another Hasbro Megazord I'm 100% purchasing again

Sam B
Really allows it to compete with the classics!

The Hasbro Megazord is actually a really great sculpt with a lot of sculpted detail and even decent articulation, but it's very lacking in paint or decals, so the addition of these has made a huge improvement to it.

I didn't use all of the decals, as some of them cover up sculpted detail which I preferred, particularly the shiny chest section on the pterodactyl.

Some sort of guide would have been cool, there were a few decals I wasn't sure where to put. I used the photos on the site for reference but they are very small.

Since most other classic Megazord toys are ridiculously priced on the used market now, these stickers turn the one which is available into something much more worthy.

Daniel Luna
Great Coloring!

This is actually the second time I've bought the Hasbro Decals. (My Mastodon and Pterodactyl were damaged when I moved so I needed to replace them) And I absolutely think this was a great upgrade! The Colors on all 5 Zords are way more vibrant and the Chest looks so much better then the original version. I actually think the Gray ink used in these new sets actually make the Megazord look more accurate to the Show then even the Original Japanese version of the 92' toy.
If I may make a Request please make some new Decals for the new ZAP Megazord cause it's actually kinda Ironic that the $150 Premium version now looks worse the the $60 one ;)