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Bottle of Ivan's Ooze

  • $ 23.53

1 - 17 Fluid Oz Size Bottle of "Ivan's Ooze"

"Ivan's Ooze" is based on the ooze from "Power Rangers: The Movie"

Our violet colored ooze has a snotty, gooey, liquidy texture similar to the show.
It's primary purpose is to be a display piece, but you can take it out of the bottle at your own risk as it can get messy.

Additional Shipping Charges May Be Required As Checkout Might Not Calculate Accurately for all Countries

** Color & Texture may vary between bottles **

*** Slime may separate or dry over time ***

Check out our photos of Original Red Ranger Jason and Yellow Ranger Aisha with our Older Style Ooze!

Limited Availability. Contact us on Facebook or email for details!

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